Engaging Leadership

Most organizations with complex technology environments struggle with a divide between IT and the business. IT is seen as slow, unimaginative, risk averse, and uncollaborative. Meanwhile, IT complains of being under resourced, over worked, with shifting priorities and unfunded mandates. There are failures of confidence on both sides. Instead of trying to fix just the symptoms of technical breakdown, Ultramatics gets to the root causes of the problems to diagnose exactly how business and IT have fallen out of alignment. We have been privileged to be at the center of solving some of the most complex and interesting corporate realignments in the areas of healthcare, transportation, telecom, retail, and finance. Our cross-industry experience allows us to challenge existing patterns and provide carefully tailored solutions that integrate people, processes, and technology for a new, higher level of organizational success.

The Right Plan

Every project is part of a broader context that shapes it. We dig into the details to be sure the plan for our engagement with each client is fully informed by their vision and mission as well as short- and long-term business goals.

Accurate Assessment

Based on this information, we identify the gaps between the current state and the desired end state. Once gaps are defined, we outline a roadmap of solutions to effectively reach goals.

Expert Recommendations.

Once this roadmap is complete, we draw on our deep technology and industry expertise to recommend solutions customized to ensure goals are met.

Driving Implementation

During implementation, Ultramatics designs and develops software solutions and deploys them into a production environment. Our implementations also offer unique value accelerators that speed your time to value.

Sustaining Success

Ultramatics continues to provide value post-deployment with support services including exception handling, auditing, logging, data backup, security, and user provisioning, among other services.

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