Storing Sensitive Information Like Credit Cards?

Then you already know the importance of PCI compliance. And it’s not just credit cards. It’s all sorts of personally identifiable information (PII). But as you make the transition from compliance to threat management, those high-profile data breaches are probably unsettling you. After all, you have more and more applications moving more data all the time. And more apps to come. That means more connection points, more targets for thieves, and a serious to-do list for your security team.

PCI Guardian Gets Security Right

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Ultramatics is an industry leader in transformational enterprise technology. Its PCI Guardian solution protects sensitive information with a double-blind vault architecture built on tamper-proof IBM DataPower appliances that keep sensitive information in and everyone else out. With secure workflows for credit card processing, error recovery, and format-preserving tokenization, PCI Guardian brings it all together in one comprehensive data privacy solution.

Ultramatics PCI Guardian brings the best of SOA application integration with a format-preserving approach to data tokenization that drastically reduces application refactoring. It goes far beyond tokenization with a flexible architecture built for quick app deployment and migration. We accelerate your success with a programmatic and enterprise level approach to security, with patterns for dealing with PCI, PII, SOA, and API Management. Details about this enterprise security solution for sensitive data are available to verified security professionals.

1. Shrink the privacy zone
2. Tokenize the private information
3. Provide one secure access point for all applications
4. Incorporate tamper-proof appliances
5. Obscure data output to make hacking ineffective
6. Provide secure workflows for credit card processing, error recovery, and tokenization
7. Minimize the expense of changes to existing applications
8. Easily see and manage security functions through one dashboard