Staffing is broken. Traditional project staffing is misaligned at most every level. Our focus is on the individual. The right credentialed consultant matched to the right project with the right preparation, support, and ongoing engagement, aligns everyone for successful delivery. It’s a complex process relying on our thirteen years of experience, culminating in UltraSure™—our patent-pending system for consultant success.

Talent You Can Rely On

Every Ultramatics consultant is fully credentialed so that we understand not only their skills and work experience, but also their management style and goals for career development. Our UltraSure system captures these detailed demographic and personality signals to identify each individual’s ideal IT consultant roles. We continuously invest in our team—from hiring to career management—with a unique focus on role fitness for results.

The Best Possible Match

We care about more than just a job description. We want to know the details about you, your project, and your culture because we want to be sure every match is the very best match. And we use the UltraSure fitness algorithm to provide the most sophisticated matches. Now every client can benefit from a consultant whose skills, experience, personality, and goals are right in line with their project.

Prepared to Deliver

Our Delivery team prepares each consultant before they reach you—the same way we do for our own project success. We invest in understanding you and your project so we can best prepare your consultant for success. Whether it’s the right equipment, software, methodology, or domain information, UltraSure allows us to provide a consultant who is fully prepared to be effective from day one.

A Healthy Engagement

Our delivery managers partner with the project stakeholders and the consultant to customize an UltraSure engagement scorecard for consultant performance. This scorecard allows us to manage the process so consultant delivery is reliable and predictable. This approach detects challenges before they arise, allowing us to engage energetically for better outcomes.

A Whole Team Of Support

Staffing today considers the job done when the team member arrives on site. But the right consultant alone does not guarantee success. UltraSure supports team members right through project completion with technical accelerators, hotline vendor access, role coaching, shadow teams, technical infrastructure, training, and a sophisticated knowledge base. Client success is ensured because every consultant is reliably backed up with this robust support system.