A New Healthcare Platform

Ultramatics has built Benefits and Beyond, drawing on over a decade of experience in complex healthcare solutions. The platform uses the latest in cognitive computing capabilities, including IBM Watson, to provide consumers with healthcare management wherever they are. By bringing together the latest in emerging technologies and cross-industry solution patterns, Ultramatics believes that the time for consumer-centric healthcare is now.

Benefits and Beyond Logo

Provider and Payer Apps for Patient Engagement

Applications on the Benefits and Beyond platform help consumers select a healthcare plan and then make use of those Benefits by: scheduling appointments, making checklists for procedures, seeing lists of individual and/or family doctors, and tracking prescriptions and pharmacies. Users can use the mobile app to keep electronic files of their medical records with the ability to securely share them with healthcare providers, manage their health benefits, and join wellness and loyalty programs.

Benefits and Beyond is a unique way of approaching patient engagement. It takes a holistic, patient-centric approach that puts the patient at the center of their healthcare journey. This platform enables integration across the healthcare ecosystem, allowing collaboration between all of the care stakeholders. In this way, it turns a fragmented system into an integrated chain of patient value. By placing the patient at the center of this collaboration capability, they are fully empowered to take charge of their health.